What to Bring to Your Home Party Demostration

direct sales what to bring to your home party demostration

When it comes to having a successful home party there are several elements that come into play. However, like with most successful things the main key ingredient is to plan and prepare. You have to plan for success. If you’re … Continue reading

Throwing a Mystery Hostess Party

how to throw mystery hostess party

A great way to get customers and previous hostesses to come to your own home party is to have a mystery hostess party. You set this up Iike a typical party, however, you as the direct sales consultant are the … Continue reading

Social Media Tips: How to Use Instagram for your Direct Sales Business

social media tips how to use instagram for your direct sales business

Do you own an Instagram account? Do you use your Instagram account? Have you ever thought about using your Instagram account as a platform to help promote your direct sales business? It’s actually a great forum to take advantage of … Continue reading

How to Plan for Fall Season Success

direct sales how to plan for fall season success

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… The fall season is upon us! You may have even already received your companies new catalogs for fall. Now is the time to kick it into high gear to really round out the year … Continue reading

8 Ways to Find New Customers and Recruits

8 ways to find new customers and team members

Once you’ve been in direct sales for a while sometimes it can feel like you’ve exhausted every avenue to getting more sales, more parties booked, recruiting new team members, etc. While you’re right, you might have exhausted every avenue… why? … Continue reading

Fun Home Party Games

fun home party games

Home parties can be a little quiet, awkward, and for some even a little intimidating. Sometimes they’re just not sure what to expect when attending one or possibly they don’t know most the people invited to the party. That’s okay! … Continue reading

Why Your Direct Sales Business Needs a Blog

Why Your Direct Sales Business Needs a Blog

When it comes to a direct sales business the goal is to be successful enough that you bring in a profit large enough to make it worthwhile your time and effort. Right? In order to be successful you have to … Continue reading