31 Organization Uses for the Large Utility Tote

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year’s! Did you make any resolutions? Lose weight? Have more fun? Get more organized? We all can use a little more organization in our lives! One thing that greatly helps with organization is the ever popular Thirty-One Large Utility Tote.

In honor of Thirty-One and the resolution to get more organized, I have come up with 31 different organizational uses for the Large Utility Tote!


1. Leave in the car with blankets, hat, gloves
2. Make shift toy storage
3. Picnics or beach items for the family
4. Use it in the garden when you pick vegetables and fruits
5. Use it when shopping instead of using paper or plastic bags
6. To store knitting supplies
7. A great place to keep toys and books in the car to keep kids entertained
8. Use as a beach tote for towels, lotion, food and thermal totes with drinks
9. Transport your party supplies to school, holiday parties, work, etc.
10. Carry presents to and from so you don’t have to worry about them falling and getting messed up
11. Carry food to family, friends and church gatherings
12. Keep dirty shoes in the car
13. As a consultants tote
14. Store or transport sports equipment
15. Great for tailgate festivities
16. Scrapbook supplies storage
17. Use it to carry multiple grocery bags at once
18. Use it for carrying and sorting laundry
19. A moving box
20. Use it as a ‘trunk’ in your SUV or van
21. Great for weekend trips
22. Store rolled towels, blankets, etc. for guest bedroom or bathroom
23. Gift wrapping supplies for a gift wrapping station
24. Store board games
25. Teachers can store playground equipment
26. A portable office
27. Bottom of your closet organizer
28. Carrying firewood from outside to inside
29. Quick 5 minute clean up when someone is coming over to your house
30. Store books for reading station
31. Use it as a giftbasket

What ways do you use the Large Utility Tote to help keep your life organized? 

– Beth




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