Ideas for Littles Carry-All Uses

Hello everyone!!

Do you love the Littles Carry-Alls? Aren’t they just adorable? Not only are they cute, but they’re incredibly handy, too! Check out these ideas for ways to put these bags to use and then tell me how you use yours!

Uses for Littles Carry Alls

Do you hate having to drag around your water bottle, keys, driver’s license, towel, etc. around at the gym? Use the Littles Carry-All to keep everything in one place and easy to keep track of.

carry alls drawers

Everybody has drawers that are in a complete disarray. You know, drawers that you just toss things in. You might even have one located in your bathroom where you toss your makeup, lotions, perfumes, hair accessories, etc. Now you can keep everything more organized with inserting Littles Carry Alls into your drawers. Think about the time you’ll save by not having to dig through everything just to find your favorite lip gloss!

carry alls giftbaskets

Use the Littles Carry-Alls to create themed giftbaskets to give away as presents or to use in raffles and silent auctions.

carry alls hanging on wall

Use a towel rod and a few shower hooks to create hanging organization for the small things that you use every day but don’t want to sacrifice the counter space. Littles Carry-Alls are perfect for this to keep lotion, hair spray, makeup, etc.

What ways do you use your Littles Carry-Alls? 

– Beth


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