31 Organizational Uses for the Zipper Pouch

Hello everyone!!

I hope your week is off to a fabulous start! Do you love your zipper pouch? So do I! Here are 31 organizational uses just for the Thirty-One Zipper Pouch

Thirty One Zipper Pouch

1. Small electronic games
2. Hold manuals for electronics
3. Receipts for major purchases
4. Keep computer software in one place
5. Activity books with crayons and pencils
6. Sewing kit
7. CD storage
8. A place to keep vacation keepsakes
9. First-Aid kit
10. Scrapbooking supplies
11. Money bag
12. Small household tools
13. Art supplies
14. Snack sack
15. Tanning/Sunblock lotions
16. Manicure kit
17. Safe keeping for medical/legal papers
18. Storage for Miscellaneous items
19. Car registration and proof of insurance
20. Lingerie bag
21. Coupons and gift card holder
22. Store doll clothes
23. Store small toys
24. Utensil and napkin holder for picnics and cookouts
25. Important medicine bag
26. Travel-size toiletries holder
27. Store your pens, business cards and other small office items for on the go
28. Hair accessories
29. Cosmetic bag
30. Pencil pouch for backpack
31. Diaper and wipes holder

Do you use your zipper pouch for something that isn’t on this list? Comment below, I’d love to hear how you use yours! 

– Beth


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