The Many Uses of the the Fold n’ Go Organizer

Hello everyone!

Don’t you just love the Thirty-One Fold n’ Go Organizer with Notepad?? I know I do! And there are so many different uses for it! I’ve listed quite a few of them below, but I really want to know how you put your Fold n’ Go Organizer to use! Comment below and let me know.

Thirty One Fold n' Go Organizer

Nook, Kindle, Tablet, etc. holder
Grocery shopping organizer for coupons, lists, pens and notes
Create a kids activity station for crayons, markers and paper
Give it as a baby shower gift for the mama-to-be to use as a travel diaper station
If you’re a waitress use it to hold your order pad and tips
Throw it in your glove box as an organizer for important papers and maps
Fill it with note cards and stationary to write little notes to people
Emergency Medical Kit to hold Benadryl, epi pen, bandages, special instructions, etc.
A great way to keep track of travel materials such as receipts, notes and log milage and gas usage
Monthly bill organizer
Great for substitute teachers to use from room to room
Use it to keep your class notes in
Keep track of doctor appointments and day to day happenings

I hope you all are having a fabulous day! Don’t forget to comment below with how you use your Fold n’ Go Organizer!

– Beth


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