Reasons to Host a Thirty-One Party

Hi everyone!

I hope you week is off to a fabulous start! One of the questions that I get asked a lot is, “Why should I host a Thirty-One party?” While the short answer is, “Because it’s fun!” there are still many other reasons why you should host your own Thirty-One party!


When you go to a Thirty-One party someone has invited you to it’s a load of fun, but when you host your own party it’s even more fun! Why? Because being the hostess comes along with so many great benefits! Thirty-One products are all about practical functionality and getting organized which in return frees up time in your life because you’re not constantly sifting through papers or clutter to find things you need. Whether you are a party-goer buying Thirty-One or you are earning hostess gifts by throwing your own party you are essentially saving yourself time to be spent doing the things you love like spending time with the special people in your life.

By hosting a Thirty-One party you are also carving out time to get together with your friends. Who doesn’t love spending an afternoon or evening with your favorite girlfriends just having a blast?! You get to do that when you host your own Thirty-One party! And by being the hostess you get to earn all kinds of half-priced and even FREE products… the more you party the more you earn! Also, the party hostess also gets a chance to shop styles that are only exclusive to hostesses. The fun even lasts beyond your party because you earn a special Booking Bonus when you attend any party that’s booked at yours! You can’t get better benefits than that!

Thirty-One consultants are more than happy to accommodate your schedule by having lunch hour parties at your office, parties at your home or even holding catalog parties! Contact me today to schedule your own Thirty-One party or use our helpful Find a Consultant feature on our website to find a consultant nearest to you!

– Beth


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