Something Exciting is Coming in a few Weeks!!

Hello everyone!!

Ladies, I have some super exciting news for those of you who sell Thirty-One and owns an iPhone!! A Thirty-One mobile app is on its way and should make its debut in early May!!

Thirty-ones new mobile app


Mobile apps are notorious for making your life easier by allowing you to do every day things on the go, without having to be strapped down to a computer to get things done. Thirty-One has heard us loud and clear and has created an app that is going to make maintaining and growing your Thirty-One business a whole lot simpler!

With this app it will help you run your business a lot easier and quicker when you’re not at home! What does the app feature? Well, here’s just a few things:

  • A home page that displays business updates.
  • Link to our Catalog to show Customers at a moment’s notice.
  • Virtual Office contacts and order history is available to view.
  • Helpful alerts like order shipped, new recruits and retail order submitted.
  • announcements so you can keep up with the very latest Thirty‑One business.
  • Your personal dashboard!

I’ll be sure to let you all know when this iPhone app is available for use, but it sounds like it will be here very soon!! Yay!!

– Beth


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