Your Weekend Getaway Essentials

Hello everyone!

Do you have your summer vacations already planned? I don’t know one person who couldn’t use a getaway, but actually getting away can be difficult sometimes. When you can’t get away from it all for a whole week the next best thing is a weekend getaway! I love weekend getaways! They’re short enough that you aren’t away for too long but they’re long enough that you’re still able to recharge. And everyone needs and deserves to recharge their batteries every once in a while! Here are my weekend getaway essentials that I pack on every trip!

Retro Metro Weekender


Retro Metro Weekender, $80

Cosmetic Bag Set

Cosmetic Bag Set, $35

Timeless Memory Pouches

Timeless Memory Pouches, $5

Flat Iron Case

Flat Iron Case, $22

These are my getaway essentials, what are your necessary items when you go on a trip? 

– Beth


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