Girl, It’s a Great Time to Join Thirty One!

Hello everyone!

Have you or someone you know thought about joining the Thirty One team, but haven’t taken the plunge yet? You might want to listen up because right now is a great time to become a Thirty One consultant! If you join Thirty One between July 1 and August 14, 2013 you will receive the new Suite Skirt Purse in addition to your Enrollment Kit as part of Thirty One’s Go, Girl, Go! incentive!

Go, girl go opportunity incentive

This brand new purse is valued at $60 and sets you up for success with your new Thirty One business when you carry it before it’s even available for purchase!! It only costs $99 to get your Thirty One business up and running moving you closer to independent success!

Still not completely sold on joining the Thirty One team and becoming a consultant? Here are just a few more reasons to get started today:

– 25% commission on personal sales –

– $300 worth of products and business supplies included –

– The opportunity to earn nearly $400 in additional free products
and business supplies during your first 4 months with StartSwell –

– The opportunity to earn trips and bonuses throughout your business –

– Flexible schedule, financial freedom, new friends, and fun!! –

Plus, submit $500 or more  in personal volume during August 1-14  and earn up to $239 worth in more free products! Talk to your Consultant today or visit to find a consultant near you!!

– Beth


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