Product Spotlight: Super Organizing Tote

Hi Everyone!

Can you believe it’s the middle of August already? Tell me it isn’t so! Time is just moving way too fast if you ask me! Anyways, I wanted to take a moment to share with you one of my favorite Thirty One products as a product spotlight. I just love my Super Organizing Tote!

This super-sized tote has tons of space, and it also has handles so it’s still easy to carry. It even comes with a zipper closure so you can keep everything neatly stored inside. It’s similar to our Organizing Utility Tote – just with more room inside!

Thirty One Super Organizing Tote

The possible uses for the Super Organizing Tote are truly endless and I promise you won’t know how to managed before this tote came into your life! If you have kids it’s great to fill up with activities for long car rides, large enough to pack everything you need for a day at the beach or use it for your kids many after school activities and sports. It can also be used to pretty much organize any room in your house. Like I said, the many possibilities are endless!

How do you love to use your Super Organizing Tote? Tell me in the comments…

– Beth



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