Turning Low Party Turn Out into Opportunity

At one time or another you have a home party with an attendance that is less than desirable. Okay, okay… that’s a bad expression. The reality is not every single one of your home parties is going to have a party attendee turnout that is stellar. It’s normal that every so often you’re going to show up and your hostess’ family room is going to seem as if you should be seeing balls of dry grass blowing by.

Turning Low Party Turn Out into Opportunity

This by no means is ideal and in fact a lot of us get scared when this happens to us. It doesn’t mean you’re bad at your job if party turnout is sub par. It’s life and it happens. So what to do about it? Well, it’s all in how you choose to deal with it. You could throw your hands up or you could do what you do best and rock this party like you always do no matter if there’s two people in front of you or a room full of faces!

While it’s easy to think of yourself when this happens, it’s more important that you put your hostess at ease. Believe it or not she is most likely feeling absolutely awful – perhaps even embarrassed with the small turn out. Let her know that this happens and it’s okay, there’s nothing to feel bad about. You guys are going to have a great time no matter how many people show up!

You should know that being in direct sales it’s important to know how to adapt to all different sorts of scenarios good and bad. Always know how to instantly adapt to the circumstances you find yourself in once it’s time to get things started. Know how to rock a large party and a small party. Always prepare for a large party, but don’t only prepare for lots of people. If you get there and there is a low turn out know how to adapt to the amount of attendees you do have.

When the turn out is low sometimes you can have just as much success as a big party. When the group is small it gives a more intimate and personal atmosphere. Run with that, ladies!! This is a great opportunity to scale down your presentation and even make it a bit informal as if you’re all just a group of girlfriends getting together talking about products you love. This can work in your favor by creating more interaction between you and guests  and guests and themselves. This is a great opportunity and recipe for those all important relationships to be developed between you and the potential regular customers. Don’t let this opportunity pass you, make the most of what you have!!

How do you deal with parties with low attendance? Share your techniques and thoughts below! 

– Beth


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