How to Make February Fabulous!

Hello ladies!

You know at Thirty-One we’re a family and we like to help support and lift each other up so that we can all succeed. This is why we have put together an amazing list to break the tools down in such a way that will make it super easy for you to make your February sales fabulous!

how to make february fabulous

3 Ways to Look
1. Share the videos!
Text, email, or post the short booking video to show everyone how fantastic the new Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote is, or share an Everyday Solutions video to show what’s possible with the fabulous function from Thirty-One.
2. Use the Fliers!
Share the February monthly special flier or any of the 3 Everyday Solutions fliers at your parties, during social gatherings, or drop them in your neighbor’s mailboxes!
3. Get social!
Use the social graphic library or send a Redstamp message to your Customers and past Hostesses about how they can save on the ZOUT or get one for FREE!

3 Ways to Sell
1. Sell the special!
During your parties, share the February flier or the Monthly Special 101 video to show just how ZOUT-TASTIC the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote is – and make sure Hostesses know how to get it for FREE!
2. Sell everyday solutions!
During your parties, share the Everyday Solutions fliers as well as 1 or more of the videos that show the ultimate solutions and how guests can get it all!
3. Sell from the catalog!
Filled with beautiful styles and solutions, the Spring Catalog is your number-one sales and marketing tool. Check out the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote as part of the Ultimate Home Office solution on page 10!
3 Ways to Recruit
1. Share the new opportunity brochure!
Newly designed for spring, this tool replaces the Living Your Dreams brochure and shares all that’s possible with a Thirty-One career. Find it here, and be sure it’s in all your Recruiting and Hostess packets!
2. Share the recruiting flier and catalog!
The recruiting flier helps you share both the Enrollment Kit and the StartSwell kit in a format you can print and share more easily. No display table is complete without it!
3. Share the videos!
You have a library of video success stories as well as a short opportunity video that will help potential Consultants see how this opportunity changes lives of women just like them. Email it, post it, or even play it at your parties!
Now are you ready to make this February the most fabulous month you’ve had yet?! Let’s go!

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