Home Parties: How to Connect with your Guests

Home Parties How to Connect with your GuestsThe chances are good that most of your sales comes from when you do you home parties. Because home parties are such a vital part in direct sales success it’s critical you know how to connect with your guests. It’s all about creating that connection with someone, making them feel special, that leads to sales.

A great way to connect with your guests is to greet them at the door as they arrive. This is a great yet super simple thing to do! Just by doing this you are already interacting and talking to each guest as they arrive. This is also a great time to introduce yourself to them as well as a chance to learn their name. Another reason this is great is because it allows your hostess to relax a little while allowing her time to talk to guests before the party starts.

Like I mentioned, knowing your guests’ names is a great way to instantly connect with people. People like hearing their name or to be singled out in a fun atmosphere. By answering the door you are getting a head start on remembering names and starting off with a short introduction at the beginning of your presentation will also help you immensely with remembering names so you can incorporate them into your presentation.

When I say incorporate them into your presentation of course I’m talking about getting your guests to engage and interact during the party! Like I said, people love to feel special! That is key during your home parties! Don’t keep your products all to yourself, pass them around or have someone help you demonstrate different uses for certain products. People love to get their hands on something before they buy it and this is the perfect time for your guests to actually get a feel of the products.

Another way to help gain interaction during your parties is to incorporate little fun games or giveaways. Give raffle tickets or little goodies to those who have attended a party before, who endorse their favorite product, answering questions right, etc. At the end, draw a ticket for a product prize. Prizes also increase the likelihood of that person making a purchase that night.

Once the demonstrations are over give your guests some time to absorb the catalog and products. Also make yourself available in another room where you collect the orders one at a time. This is the perfect time for one-on-one consultations where you can ask questions to get a better idea of what products would best fit their every day lives and lifestyles and then make suggestions.


Remember to relax, be flexible, personable, and welcoming and your parties should go off without a hitch!

How do you like to connect with your home party guests? Comment below and share your tips with us! 


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