Creating a Business Schedule to Grow Your Direct Sales Business

Woman sitting at an office desk talking on the phoneIf you’ve been in direct sales for even a little while by now you should definitely know one thing: you only get as much out of your business as you put into it. Direct sales is not a get rich quick scheme and the money bags don’t pour in overnight. It’s a commitment and an investment. You have to dedicated the time, energy and effort into it for it to be successful. After all, when you nurture something it grows, right? Direct sales are no different. If you want your direct sales business to take the place of your full-time job then you have to treat it as a full-time job. It’s as simply as that.

One of the most successful ways to make your business successful is to have a business schedule. Yes, another schedule to incorporate into your already busy schedule. But if direct sales is what you want to do, then this is more than worth it. Sit down with your calendar and map out the days and times that you can set aside to dedicate your time and energy to your direct sales business to keep it moving at a growing pace.

If you’re a list person then it’s a great idea to not only decide on which days to work on your direct sales, but to also mark time blocks to accomplish certain tasks. Some tasks need to be completed weekly while others can be done monthly, but the point of the matter is that you need to set aside the time to do them. If you’re drawing a blank at what tasks need to be done let me help you out with that. Here are a few tasks that I do on a weekly and monthly basis.

Calls to upcoming party hosts to nail down the details as well as conduct host coaching if needed.
Party Prep – preparing all the items I need for my upcoming parties.
Mail Prep – preparing products, catalogs, packets, etc. for mailings.
Attend local networking events and business group meetings. 
Make calls to potential party hosts to get their parties on the books.
Make calls to various team members who have reached out for my assistance and guidance questions.
Follow up calls to new possible recruit leads.
In person meetings with recruit prospects, team members, etc.
Keeping on top of my social media for my team members and my business.
Research to further my knowledge and techniques in direct sales. 
Creating and publishing the team newsletter. 
Any corporate training sessions or calls. 

You will soon find that creating a schedule for your business will allow you to accomplish so much more without feeling stressed or overwhelmed by doing everything last minute. It’s truly a life (and sanity) saver in the direct sales business. You will find yourself more efficient, focused, and on top of your game, which leads to personal and professional success towards the life and lifestyle you deserve.  

Do you have any tips on staying focused and getting tasks done in order to be successful? Please share them in the comments below! I always love to hear your feedback!



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