How Pinterest Can Help Your Direct Sales Business!

How Pinterest Can Help Your Direct Sales BusinessPinterest. Oh good ol’ Pinterest! I’m sure you’re guilty of being sucked into a few hours of pinning away on the virtual bulletin boards that you’ve so carefully created and organized. It’s okay, there’s nothing to be ashamed of! Pinterest is one of the greatest social websites. It’s a place to learn, read, be inspired, etc. Chances are you are using Pinterest for play, but are you using it for business? You should be!

Yes, Pinterest can be a fabulous tool to use to help your direct sells business soar! Why? Because people like to see photos well more than they like to read a lot of text. If you’ve being using Pinterest for a while you probably know you can pin photos directly from a website, blog, or you can upload photos directly onto Pinterest. It’s also important to include accurate descriptions and keywords so they not only explain the photo (short and to the point) but also increases their chances on showing up in Pinterest searches. This is a very important aspect because it makes your pins easily found by others.

Why include Pinterest as part of your marketing and networking plan? Because it can open so many doors for you with people who are looking for the type of products you sell. Users find your items through their feeds or through searches and in turn will pin them to their own boards. Often times this will also follow with the user clicking through to your website which can result in purchases. And of course, whenever you pin something on Pinterest it then shows up in all the feeds of the people who follow up – opening up to more pins and encourages future purchases.

Pinterest is a great way to show off individual products in a very unobtrusive way. When people see pins that interest them they are more likely to click through to your website or blog which can lead to sales. It’s a simple and useful tool that doesn’t take an incredible amount of time to implement into your marketing plan!

Do you use Pinterest in your direct sales business? Do you have any tips? 


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