Make the Most of those Vendor Fair Leads with Follow Ups!

vendor fair success tipsYou just finished a fabulous vendor event – you rocked your mini presentations, connected with guests, sold products, and even gathered up a few leads. You pack up and head home feeling great. Then it hits a week post vendor fair and you’re not feeling as confident because no one has contacted you further. Wake up! This is your business and that means that you have to take the initiative and do the work. Leads rarely contact you, which means you must reach out to them!

We’ve discussed before the importance of the follow-up and we continue to stress that this is where you need to spend a lot of your business’ energy in order to be successful. When you get home from a vendor fair send a short email message to all over your leads (individually – do not send a group email!). Simply say something along the lines of, “Hello (insert name here)! I just wanted to take a moment to send you an email to thank you for stopping by my (name of direct sales company) booth today at (name of event). I am looking forward to talking to you more and will be in contact with you again in the next 48 hours.” This simply shows them your initiative, dedication, and of course it’s just polite to acknowledge someone.

Within the first 24 to 48 hours after your event is a fabulous time to plan a booking blitz. This can be a personal goal for you or you can make this a team challenge. As we’ve discussed before about booking blitzes it’s important to create a goal/challenge to strive for as well as having a prize awarded at the end of the booking blitz time period.

At the vendor fair you should have had people fill out lead slips that included their name, contact info, their preferred method of communication. Now is the time to go through all of these lead slips and contact those leads! First reach out to them by their preferred method of communication, however it is okay to try another method if you do not reach them through the first.

Be confident and friendly in your communication with your follow ups. What creates results is intention and expectation. You must do the work in order to grow your business towards success! 


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