Top 3 Books for Direct Sales Consultants

Being a direct sales consultant isn’t always easy. It takes a lot of work. Hard work at that! If you want to become a direct sales success and/or want to make your consultant job your full-time job it takes knowledge. Yes, you can always lean on your team leader for tips and advice. Following direct sales guru blogs is also another way to keep up with new strategies and tips. But is there anything better than a physical book that you can pick up, highlight, make notes, etc.? Here are what we think are the top three books that will help you grow your direct sales business.

The Skinny on Direct Sales: your first 100 days

1. The Skinny on Direct Sales: your first 100 days, $14.95

“This book was fantastic. It should be included in every starter kit for every business. Your format is simple reading with important gems shared on every page. Even for the seasoned consultant, a LOT of valuable information can be reintroduced as we can forget things that will help with our success.” —Steve Tucky, PartyLite Inc.

“The Skinny on Direct Sales has my whole hearted recommendation. As a Senior Executive Unit Leader I have had the opportunity to speak at Avon events in England, Ireland and Canada and can honestly say that the information contained in this book is relevant world wide. It’s direct. It’s basic. It’s relevant. And mostly — it’s needed.” —Lisa M. Wilber, Avon Senior Executive Unit Leader

Be a Direct Selling Superstar

2. Be a Direct Selling Superstar, $16

“Rarely does a book provide insight into both the rich tradition and the bright future of direct selling. Mary nailed it! Every person interested in entrepreneurial success should read this book.” — Heidi and Orville Thompson, owners, Scentsy, Inc.


Making Millions in Direct Sales

3. Making Millions in Direct Sales, $19.95

“With vision and heart, Mike Malaghan lays out a sure course that will take you step-by-step to successful sales management.” — Jack D. Wilner, speaker, trainer and author, 7 Secrets To Successful Sales Management

“In Making Millions in Direct Sales, Malaghan shares openly, with a genuine desire to teach others the methods that have led him and so many others to success. This book will help you get sales and close the deal!” — Stephan Schiffman, “America’s Cold Call King” and author of Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work


What are your favorite books that have helped you in your direct sales business? 



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