Fun Home Party Games

fun home party games

Home parties can be a little quiet, awkward, and for some even a little intimidating. Sometimes they’re just not sure what to expect when attending one or possibly they don’t know most the people invited to the party. That’s okay! What makes a great direct sales consultant is being able to break the ice and make everyone feel a little more comfortable and relaxed. This is why there are oodles of games you can play at your parties to lighten the mood, get things going, and get some interaction rolling. Here are a few of my favorite home party games to play.

A basic ice breaker game
It’s always great to start things off with an ice breaker of sorts kind of game to, well, to break the ice! I like to start things off with a little goofy fun that will get everyone laughing – or at the very least giggling. I know for me laughing is a great way to break up any nervous tension. One very basic ice breaker game is having everyone choose a balloon then when you say go everyone blows up their balloon. The first person to completely blow up their balloon and then pop it is the winner and receives some sort of prize.

What’s in your bag
For the what’s in your bag game you can play it in two different ways. You can divide guests into small groups and they play as a team or you can play it as an individuals game. It’s really up to you and of course how many guests you have attending the party. You can also make up a list of 10 or less basic items or you can have them try to find something in their purses that starts with each letter of the alphabet. This game can definitely get interesting, especially if you go with the alphabet route. As always the person or group with the most items on the list is deemed the winner and gets a prize.

How well do you know your hostess
I love ‘how well do you know…’ games! It’s always interesting to see who gets answers correct and what wrong answers are mentioned. These types of games are sure to get some laughs. For a ‘how well do you know your hostess game’ you need to come up with a list of about 10 basic questions for your hostess to answer. You can print the questions on paper to hand out at the party or you can pass out plain pieces of paper and ask the questions orally. After a certain amount of time declare pencils down and go over the answers. Who ever gets the most right about their hostess gets a prize.

What are some of your favorite games to play during home parties? Share with us in the comments below!




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