8 Ways to Find New Customers and Recruits

Once you’ve been in direct sales for a while sometimes it can feel like you’ve exhausted every avenue to getting more sales, more parties booked, recruiting new team members, etc. While you’re right, you might have exhausted every avenue… why? Because you’re not leaving your comfort zone and you’re not getting creative! Snap out of the direct sales pitty party and get serious!

8 ways to find new customers and team members


  • Participate in a school fundraiser.
  • Get a booth/table at the school fair, church fair, or county fair.
  • Hold a business opportunity meeting.
  • Place a catalog in the Teacher’s Lounge at your child’s school.
  • Take printed recipe cards, with your info stamped on the back, when you take a prepared recipe to potlucks.
  • Get family & friends to collect orders for you at their work places through a catalog party. Give them hostess credit.
  • Call your local realtor & suggest a “welcome to your new home” gift they can get from you to give to their clients.
  • Ask three people that you meet during the day, “Are you looking for extra income?”


What are some of your favorite tips and tricks to generating new leads and team members? Comment below!


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