How to Plan for Fall Season Success

direct sales how to plan for fall season successLadies and gentlemen, boys and girls… The fall season is upon us! You may have even already received your companies new catalogs for fall. Now is the time to kick it into high gear to really round out the year nicely. You have to stay on top of your game if you want these last four months of 2014 to be a success.

So how do you make these a success? Planning, that’s how! Like I said it’s time to be on top of your game. Relax, though. I’m going to outline what you need to do.
Plan of Action
If I’ve said it before, I’ve said it a million times… In order for your direct sales business to be successful you absolutely have to take it seriously. Sit down and make mini business plan of sorts. Compile a list of goals you want to accomplish before January 1st. Then write down clear ways and ideas you can put into action to get you to your goals. Set personal growth goals for yourself like be more outgoing, being more of a go-getter, etc. You’ll be surprised what actually laying it all out there with a pen and paper can do for motivation and getting focused in what you do.
Lost Contacts
While you’re still sitting there after you’ve completed you mini business plan, go through your old files. Start forming a list of names of people who you haven’t talked to in a while, friends/family, or simply just never followed up with. Make it a goal to find at least 50 people… It’s a lot easier once you get started and get on a roll. Once you get your list of contacts you just have to follow through and make contact with them!
Time to Celebrate
Another tip is to throw your own fall launch party or even do it open house style. Make sure your customers also know they can shop from you at their own convenience anytime by shopping on your website and don’t forget to mention the option of having a virtual party. They’re so convenient and successful right now so take advantage of it!
How are you getting ready for September through December in your direct sales business? 

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