Social Media Tips: How to Use Instagram for your Direct Sales Business

social media tips how to use instagram for your direct sales businessDo you own an Instagram account? Do you use your Instagram account? Have you ever thought about using your Instagram account as a platform to help promote your direct sales business? It’s actually a great forum to take advantage of for the sake of your business, plus it’s also free. At least free as monetarily speaking… you do have to invest your time and energy into it. As like with everything else, you get what you put into it.

Mix it up
While you may sign up for Instagram solely for the purpose of marketing your direct sales business, you still need to mix it up with photos taken of your everyday life, favorite quotes, fun images. This adds a little personality to your Instagram account which people gravitate towards. Why? Because they eventually start to feel a connection with you through the photos you share. It makes you relatable and human. Don’t post products, deals, opportunities constantly or you’ll find people will start to disengage and (most likely) eventually result in them unfollowing you all together. Also, while you’re at it, get creative with how you do post photos of your products. For instance, instead of a catalog photo take a photo of how you use it in your real everyday life.

Keep it Positive
Since you are using Instagram as a way to market your direct sales business you want to make an effort to keep everything in a positive light. You don’t want to use it rant about something or post anything that uses inappropriate language or photos. Along with always keeping things positive, make sure when you do post about your business that you use words that are expressive of your excitement for the product. You want to get others excited about it too so they engage or contact you for more information.

Hashtags are a fabulous way to gain new followers, likes, interactions, and increase your reach. When you create a hashtag you use the symbol # in front of a word, which then makes them clickable and searchable. When you click on a hashtag you will then see every photo that is also tagged using that same hashtag. You can even create your own hashtag to use on every post that involves your direct sales business. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, in fact it should be rather simple so it’s easy for people to remember. For an example you could you the name of your direct sales company followed by your name – #ThirtyOneByBeth. That way when a user clicks on it they will instantly be shown everything you’ve posted using that hashtag. Just a great little self branding tip! Another tip that is crucial is not to go overboard on the hashtag use. Using too many hashtags on a post looks ridiculous and it takes up a lot of space. Try to keep it to a minimum… a good rule of thumb to use is keep it to five or less hashtags per post.

How do you use social media to help market your direct sales business? Comment below and share with us! 





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