Throwing a Mystery Hostess Party

A great way to get customers and previous hostesses to come to your own home party is to have a mystery hostess party. You set this up Iike a typical party, however, you as the direct sales consultant are the actual hostess the the regards to the fact you’re the one inviting guests to your home, preparing snacks to nibble on, and providing refreshments for the attendees. That’s where your hostess duties end since this is a mystery hostess party, meaning one lucky party guest will be chosen to reap all the party hostess benefits.

how to throw mystery hostess party

Just how do you choose who will be the lucky mystery hostess? Well, one of my favorite ways to do this is by giving raffle tickets away to guests for various things throughout the party. For each task completed that guest earns a certain amount of tickets. The guest writes her name on the ticket and then puts it into a bowl, box, or whatever container you have available. Examples of different tasks that earn party goers with tickets and the chance to be named the mystery hostess are…

Arrive on time – 1 ticket
Bring a friend – 2 tickets
Have an outside order – 2 tickets
Win a game – 2 tickets
Ask a question about my business – 1 ticket
Book your own party – 5 tickets

At the end of the party but before people start placing their orders it’s time to pick the winning ticket. You can do this by closing your eyes and reaching into the bowl or by asking one of the guests to close their eyes and pull out a ticket. Of course, whoever’s name is drawn is the mystery hostess for this party. This mystery hostess wins all the free products, discounts, and hostess perks.

This is a great way to get some of your previous party goers involved who have been on the fence about hosting their own parties. Offering 5 ticket entries for those who book their own party during the event is also a great incentive that can go a really long way!

Have you held a Mystery Hostess Party before? How did it go? What did you do at your party? 



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