5 Tips to Growing your Direct Sales Business Outside of Home Parties

5 Tips to Growing your Direct Sales Business Outside of Home PartiesIf you’ve been in direct sales for a while you are fully aware there are highs and lows of being in direct sales. The highs feel great but the key is not to get discouraged during the lows. I know, easier said than done. Whether you’re just starting out, a direct sales veteran, or just ready to take the next steps to bring your business to the next level, this list of ideas should prove to be valuable.
Direct sales have come a long way in recent years. Before the only way to make a profit was to have an endless string of in home parties. While in home parties are still a staple in this line of business there are also so many more options to grow your business. That’s right, there are ways to grow your direct sales business outside of holding home parties! What’s stopping you from taking advantage of every business avenue? Being successful in direct sales takes lots of effort, the more you put into it the more you get out of it. Now, get a pen and paper or just bookmark this post for future reference. Here are our top 5 tips to growing your direct sales business outside of the in home party…
Set up a Pop Up Shop
Pop Up Shops are all the rage right now with businesses big and small creating make shift shops at different locations that are only there on a certain day during certain hours. You can take advantage of this concept in your own direct sales business! You can hold this in your home, if you have a room or home office dedicated to your direct sales business it’s the perfect place to set up. If your home is not an option you can look into reserving the private/party room of a local restaurant to set up shop for an hour or two. Set up your product display, plan a game or two, give free products away in door prizes, and invite customers, family, and friends to stop by to shop!
Online Parties 
Set up an online party through your website then create an event page on Facebook. Share the link to your online party on your social media networks. You can even send out an email to your customer list. Open this party to anyone who would like to place an order. This is a great way to introduce new product lines or even clear out sales.
Seasonal Sales
Speaking of new product lines, you can hold seasonal sales. Each season brings a new catalog and at least a new product or two. You can even take this a step further and hold special/holiday sales for things like Black Friday, Back to School, Valentine’s Day, etc. Create incentives that will interest people in placing an order. Share with your email lists and social media about your sale or special offer. For example, you can offer a Just Because Sale – decide on a certain date that anyone who places an order  for $15 or higher on that date gets 15% off their purchase. Get creative! The holidays are coming up…. create an 8 Nights of Hanukah Sale or 12 Days of Christmas sale by offering a special deal each day for the duration of the sale. Just remember not to give away too much that it takes away all of your commission on that product or causes you to take money out of your pocket.
Rolling Mini Parties 
Reach out to friends, family, and/or your favorite regular customers and enlist a handful of them to hold a mini party either online, catalog, or in home. Each will hold their mini parties in between certain dates (a week long event is a great time frame). Tell them the goal is for each to collect $100 in orders during their mini party. Once the time period ends combine all orders into one party and then split the hostess credits among all of the hostesses you enlisted. This is a great way to earn a nice commission as well!
Hold a Fundraiser
Who doesn’t love to give back whenever they can? Contact local schools, charities, or churches and offer to hold a fundraiser. If your direct sales company doesn’t have a fundraiser program you can donate all or a percentage of your commission to their cause.

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