Top 4 Apps for Direct Sales Consultants

top 4 apps for direct sales consultants to grow businessThere’s no doubt about it, when it comes to direct sales it’s all about hard work. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said, “You will only get as much out of it as you put into it.” I’d be a really rich woman. While it’s true you need to put in the hard work, but it’s also about working efficiently. Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. Work smarter, not harder. As I was thinking about putting my plan of attack together for 2015 it occurred to me that there has to be an app for that. For direct sales consultants that helps makes the whole process run more smoothly. And then I instantly got annoyed that this thought hadn’t crossed my mind any sooner. But, I digress.

I was blown away by all the different apps available for both Androids and iPhones! In fact, I don’t know how I lived without them. There’s apps that help keep you organized, help with home parties, taxes, there’s even apps for bookings! There really is an app for everything, ladies and gentlemen! As you know, I love to share the wealth with all of you and that’s why I’ve saved you the time of researching and have laid out the best apps to help build your direct sales business in 2015! Here you go!

1. myConsultant
The iPhone app designed with the Direct Sales Consultant in Mind. Impress each and every guest with a quick and intuitive checkout process. myConsultant will make it easier for you to focus on what really matters; your customers, hostesses and recruits.

Streamline your sales with the myCalc feature. No need for an extra Calculator to add up each item, we’ve taken care of that for you. Calculates Shipping, Tax, Discounts and Commission. Easily email your customers an order acknowledgement. And post hostess and recruiting seeds directly to Facebook and Twitter. Get accurate sales tax rates in real time with myTaxRate. Simply enter any US address or select your current location. myTaxRate will then seek out the correct tax rate and determine whether or not shipping should also be taxed. It will even insert the tax numbers back into myCalc for you, automatically. This feature is built into myCalc and is available to buy with a subscription. myMileage is a feature that will help you keep track of your tax deductible vehicle mileage and expenses. Simply enter in your odometer reading when you start your trip and again when you end. myConsultant is dedicated to making sure you always have your data available. All of your logs will be automatically backed-up and synced between each device that is logged in to your myConsultant account.

• Calculate customer orders with ease.
• Discount just one items or multiple line items.
• Total up taxable and non-taxable items all in the same order.
• Set the shipping, tax and commission only once and it is saved until you need to change it.
• New myTaxRate feature automagically find sales tax rates for you.
• Track your vehicle mileage and expenses.
• Mileage logs are instantly backed up and sync’d across your devices with myConsultant installed.
• Customize the look of the app multiple backgrounds to choose from.

2. Pocket Parties
“Mompreneurs” and Entrepreneurs in direct sales businesses–This unique tool will guide your party plan business to success in customer acquisition, customer retention, team building, and your own successes by remaining organized all right inside your pocket! Quit pushing papers and sorting receipts in storage bins under your dining room table and consolidate all of that in a simple, streamlined, searchable, sortable, and powerful tool designed to keep all of these things right on your hip! Integrated with 11 valuable tools, impress each customer with the speed and knowledge you have about the products, price, calculation of an order, and even their order history. Every client is an opportunity to advance your team, so why not impress them with the power you will have with Pocket Parties!

•Quick Quote Calculator – Know the price? Want to add tax, shipping or a discount? Just plug it in on this calculator and find the total with ease!
•Team Tracker – Keep your team in a separate place. You may need to find them quickly to cover a party for you!
•To-do List – Add an item, delete an item. There is no need to set dates or times. Something higher on the priority list? Just drag it to the top.
•Social Follow-ups – Send a tweet, or post a Facebook message to your wall. Email or text a customer or an entire group of customers with a simple 1 touch button!
•Inventory Management – Add, Delete, and Edit items to your inventory. Set up your own quantities and set your price. Take a picture and write up a description it’s all there!
•Customer Profiling/Tracking – Enter the basics. Take up to 4 pictures. Make Note. Tweet, Text, Send a Facebook Message, Call, or Email. View order history and know what they have bought. Link other customers to other profiles to create associations between your customers. All within 1 customer “profile card.”
•Events or Parties – Set up your events and parties so you know when and where you need to be.
•Orders – Create an order. Link the order to the event and the customer. Add items from your inventory. Sum up the order and email a receipt. Items will automatically deplete the inventory!
•Expenses- Track mileage and other expenses.
•Maps – Locate yourself, and then set up your deliveries. If you’re making multiple trips, add them all and let the app route your entire trip.
•Follow-ups – Sum up what items are out of stock, or just low in your inventory. See which clients haven’t ordered in the past 90 days.

3. Hostess Coaching
The Hostess Coaching app is an organizational tool for party plan direct sellers. The Hostess Coaching app is an organizational tool for all direct sellers in the party plan business. This app will help advisors, consultants, designers and reps from any direct sales company stay on schedule while you coach your party Host/Hostess.

-easy to use
-basic Hostess coaching steps comes pre-loaded
-customize steps to fit YOUR Hostess coaching style
-edit, delete or add new steps
-Notifications to remind you of important coaching steps.

4. Booking Blitz
Contact manager for professionals in network marketing and direct sales. This app syncs with your phone’s contacts, notes and calendar. Finally thread your business into your life! The Booking Blitz Ap was developed by top level direct sales pros, for direct sales pros who are committed to reaching their goals. It’s as EASY AS 1, 2, 3!

Do you use any of these apps already? Tell us in the comments what you think! Do you use another app not mentioned here that you absolutely love? We want to know what it is!


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    With the multitude of Business Apps on the market today, it can be extremely time consuming just trying to find the best tools needed to achieve your end goal. These four Apps are a great starting point for any professional that wishes to work completely paperless.

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