4 Easy Tips to Make Your Busy Life Easier

This new normal is busy! Everyone has a place to be all the time and there are moments that just trying to keep my head above water seems exhausting. I’ve been blessed to find some tips and tricks that make my life easier. Now, I have to admit, I believe in shopping local as often as possible. I truly still believe in trying to do just that, and I am. However there are some simple to do’s that have truly made my life run more smoothly.  
First and foremost, utilizing Amazon Prime and subscriptions I have some of my favorite supplements and bulk beverages like our artificial sweetner-free flavored waters on autoship. This saves me time, I do not have to go get them and lug them in, and it saves me money as they are cheaper than typical retail. This is a slippery slope though and you have to be careful. Amazon prime is easy and with the free shipping impulse buying can happen at a crazy rapid pace. Be concise and only set up autoships on items that are have to have options for you.
Next, I have become obsessed with coupon apps such as iBotta, Receipt Hog, and Boxed. iBotta helps me earn rebates on items that I already love and allows me to transfer those rebates directly back into my PayPal account. I’ve gotten about $195.75 in rebates over the last two months using this application. Receipt Hog is an app that allows me to turn in photos of my reciepts from our daily shopping for pennies per receipt that add up quickly over time, not using it is simply leaving cash on the table. I’ve earned $9.22 in the last month using this app. Boxed is by far my greatest superpower. I LOVE shopping at large club stores in bulk however, I do not have the time to go to those as I’d like. Boxed is an app that allows you to shop for bulk dry goods, snacks, and cleaning supplies. Your first order gets free shipping and each additional order over $100 gets free shipping as well. There is a section of items 50 percent off which is amazing and the shipping is crazy fast. The items are packed well and you also earn rewards towards future orders. You need this in your life! My total two month retail saving is well over $400.
Groovebook is an app that allows me to take the photos from my phone and upload them to a mini photo book for just a few dollars a month inlcuding shipping, these are then shipped to you. This is an amazing way to print memories, create postcards of moments to send to friends, and to stay on top of getting the photos off of your electronics. Saves me so much time and money.
Ebates allows you to shop by application to sites from clothing stores to discount stores and get rebates for shopping. Percentages rang from 2-8 back per purchase and often indlude additional sales. I’ve earned $17.95 in rebates in the last month. Not a huge savings, but it adds up. 
If I’m going to stay as active as I am things have to go as smoothly as they can. Dishes may be dirty and we may have a bit of dust, but these are some of the apps that keep my head above water.


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