How To Grow Your Team One Recruit at a Time

how to grow your team one recruit at a timeWell, we’re well into the second week of February. Are you still on top of your plan to make 2015 your best year yet in your business? Did you hit the ground running? Congrats to those of you on top of your game and don’t worry to those who may have been slacking. It’s always a good time to light that fire under your bum and get to work! Let’s talk a bit about your 2015 plan… do you have any recruiting goals? Because right now is a great time to start not only thinking about it but actively working on building your team.

Now that you’re selling a product you believe in and you’re part of a company and team yourself you know what all that entails. I’ve mentioned before there’s a difference between signing up to be a consultant and really putting hard work into being a good consultant. If you aren’t willing to put in the hard work then you’re not going to reap the benefits. It’s just as simple as that. You know if you’ve committed to yourself to being a successful direct selling consultant there lies so much opportunity within that. You know from experience there are a lot of benefits from direct selling like the financial gain, being able to advance to higher levels, the pride, sense of achievement, learning leadership skills, connections made through networking. More importantly, you learn a lot about yourself in the process.

A lot of people will shy away from the recruiting aspect of direct sales just because the word recruitment seems to hold a lot of fear. Fear of being annoying, seeming too pushy, or simply just the fear of rejection. Those are all legitimate concerns. However, the key to successful recruitment is understanding the point of recruitment. If your mindset is only to build your team, then I’m sorry to say you’re doing it wrong. Recruitment in direct sales is about sharing the opportunity. As you actively use and share your business in real life situations, people are going to naturally become curious. Some will come to you and others will sit back and watch perhaps dropping hints here and there. When they come to you it’s easier because they are already in an open mindset to listen to what opportunities direct selling can bring into their lives. It’s a bit harder when you approach potential recruits yourself. But the key is to just be warm and natural, never force the conversation. However, if you want to build your team you have to be passionate about what you’re doing. Talk about your business to people, mention it on social media, recognize when open doors present themselves of times to share the opportunities with people whether you know them personally or not. If you’re in a passive mindset about it then you are the only thing holding yourself back. Don’t do that!

Of course, a perfect time to share direct selling opportunities with people are during parties. In fact, most recruits are previous hostesses. Why? Because they’re already interested enough in your products that they are sharing them with their friends and family by inviting them to a party. However, you’re also going to come into contact with potential recruits in just everyday life. It’s when you run into these potential recruits that it’s important you make that connection and give them something to not only remember you by but also something that allows them to continue thinking about the opportunity. One way to do this is by creating mini ‘think about it’ packets. On your training website you should be able to find some sort of ‘career path’ or ‘join our team’ flyer. Print several of these off and staple your business card to it. If you want to take it the extra step, put them in a colored envelope. Put a few of these in your handbag, diaper bag, in your car, in your hostess folders, etc. Whenever you run across a potential recruit give them one of these. That way they can think about it and they have your contact info if they want to learn more or join your team. It’s a great way to leave a lasting impression, especially on the go in everyday life.


Do you have any recruiting tips? I’d love to hear them! Please share them in the comments below! 



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Creating a Business Schedule to Grow Your Direct Sales Business

Woman sitting at an office desk talking on the phoneIf you’ve been in direct sales for even a little while by now you should definitely know one thing: you only get as much out of your business as you put into it. Direct sales is not a get rich quick scheme and the money bags don’t pour in overnight. It’s a commitment and an investment. You have to dedicated the time, energy and effort into it for it to be successful. After all, when you nurture something it grows, right? Direct sales are no different. If you want your direct sales business to take the place of your full-time job then you have to treat it as a full-time job. It’s as simply as that.

One of the most successful ways to make your business successful is to have a business schedule. Yes, another schedule to incorporate into your already busy schedule. But if direct sales is what you want to do, then this is more than worth it. Sit down with your calendar and map out the days and times that you can set aside to dedicate your time and energy to your direct sales business to keep it moving at a growing pace.

If you’re a list person then it’s a great idea to not only decide on which days to work on your direct sales, but to also mark time blocks to accomplish certain tasks. Some tasks need to be completed weekly while others can be done monthly, but the point of the matter is that you need to set aside the time to do them. If you’re drawing a blank at what tasks need to be done let me help you out with that. Here are a few tasks that I do on a weekly and monthly basis.

Calls to upcoming party hosts to nail down the details as well as conduct host coaching if needed.
Party Prep – preparing all the items I need for my upcoming parties.
Mail Prep – preparing products, catalogs, packets, etc. for mailings.
Attend local networking events and business group meetings. 
Make calls to potential party hosts to get their parties on the books.
Make calls to various team members who have reached out for my assistance and guidance questions.
Follow up calls to new possible recruit leads.
In person meetings with recruit prospects, team members, etc.
Keeping on top of my social media for my team members and my business.
Research to further my knowledge and techniques in direct sales. 
Creating and publishing the team newsletter. 
Any corporate training sessions or calls. 

You will soon find that creating a schedule for your business will allow you to accomplish so much more without feeling stressed or overwhelmed by doing everything last minute. It’s truly a life (and sanity) saver in the direct sales business. You will find yourself more efficient, focused, and on top of your game, which leads to personal and professional success towards the life and lifestyle you deserve.  

Do you have any tips on staying focused and getting tasks done in order to be successful? Please share them in the comments below! I always love to hear your feedback!


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Turning Low Party Turn Out into Opportunity

At one time or another you have a home party with an attendance that is less than desirable. Okay, okay… that’s a bad expression. The reality is not every single one of your home parties is going to have a party attendee turnout that is stellar. It’s normal that every so often you’re going to show up and your hostess’ family room is going to seem as if you should be seeing balls of dry grass blowing by.

Turning Low Party Turn Out into Opportunity

This by no means is ideal and in fact a lot of us get scared when this happens to us. It doesn’t mean you’re bad at your job if party turnout is sub par. It’s life and it happens. So what to do about it? Well, it’s all in how you choose to deal with it. You could throw your hands up or you could do what you do best and rock this party like you always do no matter if there’s two people in front of you or a room full of faces!

While it’s easy to think of yourself when this happens, it’s more important that you put your hostess at ease. Believe it or not she is most likely feeling absolutely awful – perhaps even embarrassed with the small turn out. Let her know that this happens and it’s okay, there’s nothing to feel bad about. You guys are going to have a great time no matter how many people show up!

You should know that being in direct sales it’s important to know how to adapt to all different sorts of scenarios good and bad. Always know how to instantly adapt to the circumstances you find yourself in once it’s time to get things started. Know how to rock a large party and a small party. Always prepare for a large party, but don’t only prepare for lots of people. If you get there and there is a low turn out know how to adapt to the amount of attendees you do have.

When the turn out is low sometimes you can have just as much success as a big party. When the group is small it gives a more intimate and personal atmosphere. Run with that, ladies!! This is a great opportunity to scale down your presentation and even make it a bit informal as if you’re all just a group of girlfriends getting together talking about products you love. This can work in your favor by creating more interaction between you and guests  and guests and themselves. This is a great opportunity and recipe for those all important relationships to be developed between you and the potential regular customers. Don’t let this opportunity pass you, make the most of what you have!!

How do you deal with parties with low attendance? Share your techniques and thoughts below! 

– Beth