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How to Create Your Own Booking Blitz Success

How to Create Booking Blitz SuccessAs a direct sales professional in a leadership position one of the many questions I get asked the most is, “How do I make a booking blitz a success?” If you aren’t familiar with what a booking blitz is it is when a group designates a specific time frame to book as many parties as they can. If you’re someone that enjoys a challenge, you can even challenge yourself to a booking blitz.

First you need to Set a Goal and a Time Frame. It is crucial that you set a goal in mind for your booking blitz whether it’s a group of you participating or just yourself. It’s also important to set up a time frame to complete your goal in. You need a goal to work towards and you need the heat of a deadline to keep you motivated to reach that goal without slacking off. This is why it is a good idea to keep your time frame short whether it’s a few hours or a few days to complete.

A booking blitz is a perfect way to help prepare yourself or your team for ongoing party booking success. Booking success only comes when people feel like they are prepared and know what they are doing. How many times do you hear people preaching, “Just get on the phone and start booking parties!” Well, that’s the jest of it yes thank you, but it’s just scratching the surface! You have to be prepared and confident in what you’re doing in order for it to translate into booking success. This is a good time to go over any training techniques or handbooks you have, whether to gain more confidence or simply to brush up on your skills. This is also an opportunity to ask for help or just to get the conversation going within your team’s social media group. Encouraging others to share their tips or things they’ve discovered works for them is an amazing way to share the wealth with the whole group!

While a lot of people just need the challenge aspect to conquer a booking blitz sometimes people need a little incentive push to get them going. Who doesn’t like working towards a prize? Sometimes this is the exact thing people need to motivate them to really push just that much little harder. If you’re doing this with a group or your whole team it’s great to do drawings for prizes. For instance, everyone that participates in the booking blitz gets entered into a random drawing that will be done at the end of the booking blitz time frame. The prize can be a free product or a gift card. You can also give prizes for who books the first/last party, who books the most parties, etc. Just make sure the prizes you’re offering is something that everyone wants or can use. If you’re challenging yourself to a booking blitz solo it’s important to reward yourself if you make your goal. You deserve it! 

How do you create your own booking blitz success? Comment below and share your tips, techniques and advice!