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Creating a Business Schedule to Grow Your Direct Sales Business

Woman sitting at an office desk talking on the phoneIf you’ve been in direct sales for even a little while by now you should definitely know one thing: you only get as much out of your business as you put into it. Direct sales is not a get rich quick scheme and the money bags don’t pour in overnight. It’s a commitment and an investment. You have to dedicated the time, energy and effort into it for it to be successful. After all, when you nurture something it grows, right? Direct sales are no different. If you want your direct sales business to take the place of your full-time job then you have to treat it as a full-time job. It’s as simply as that.

One of the most successful ways to make your business successful is to have a business schedule. Yes, another schedule to incorporate into your already busy schedule. But if direct sales is what you want to do, then this is more than worth it. Sit down with your calendar and map out the days and times that you can set aside to dedicate your time and energy to your direct sales business to keep it moving at a growing pace.

If you’re a list person then it’s a great idea to not only decide on which days to work on your direct sales, but to also mark time blocks to accomplish certain tasks. Some tasks need to be completed weekly while others can be done monthly, but the point of the matter is that you need to set aside the time to do them. If you’re drawing a blank at what tasks need to be done let me help you out with that. Here are a few tasks that I do on a weekly and monthly basis.

Calls to upcoming party hosts to nail down the details as well as conduct host coaching if needed.
Party Prep – preparing all the items I need for my upcoming parties.
Mail Prep – preparing products, catalogs, packets, etc. for mailings.
Attend local networking events and business group meetings. 
Make calls to potential party hosts to get their parties on the books.
Make calls to various team members who have reached out for my assistance and guidance questions.
Follow up calls to new possible recruit leads.
In person meetings with recruit prospects, team members, etc.
Keeping on top of my social media for my team members and my business.
Research to further my knowledge and techniques in direct sales. 
Creating and publishing the team newsletter. 
Any corporate training sessions or calls. 

You will soon find that creating a schedule for your business will allow you to accomplish so much more without feeling stressed or overwhelmed by doing everything last minute. It’s truly a life (and sanity) saver in the direct sales business. You will find yourself more efficient, focused, and on top of your game, which leads to personal and professional success towards the life and lifestyle you deserve.  

Do you have any tips on staying focused and getting tasks done in order to be successful? Please share them in the comments below! I always love to hear your feedback!


Tips for Success at Vendor Fairs

Tips for Success at Vendor FairsHaving a vendor booth set up at job fairs, trade shows and local events is a great way to increase your client base as well as help to grow your own team. Here are a few tips to help you make your vendor fair experience a successful one!

Simplicity is Key
You want your booth and display area to be eye catching but you don’t want it to feel cluttered or just have too much going on at once. You want your area to be inviting, not overwhelming to those passing by. Have a few products sitting out as well as a bowl of candy or even promotional pens with your contact info on them. Believe it or not, the less clutter there is the more likely your booth is to draw a curious crowd to know more about you and your business.

Make it Count
The chances are you paid a pretty penny to set up a vendor booth wherever you are… so make it count! Just like with everything in life you can’t make money unless you work for it. If you think you’re going to set up a booth then sit back and relax behind it, then vendor fairs probably aren’t for you. You need to be front and center at your booth, let your personality shine! Get out there! Make conversation, draw people in, make connections… after all you paid good money to be there so it’s up to you to make it worth it.

Ask More Questions
While your whole purpose for being at the vendor fair is to share your products and team opportunities with new people, sharing a load of information right of the bat isn’t a great way to get people hooked. Engage with people. Start conversations off with asking questions. This gets people involved and sets you up for being able to keep them at your booth longer. By asking a few basic questions first you are getting to know just a little bit about them this way you can gauge which manner your products or team opportunities can best serve them. It’s always best when you are able to connect with people by sharing your information with them in a way that is relevant to them and their everyday lives.

As always these tips are meant to be a starting point for you. With these tips in mind you can get creative and innovative in how your put your spin on things and make them work for you. Remember at vendor fairs you need something to make you stand out from the crowd. You’re just one fish in the vendor fair sea that day, make it count!

What are your tips for vendor fair success? Please post your tips, ideas and questions in the comments! 

De-Cluttering to Success

De-Cluttering to SuccessWho doesn’t want to make 2014 a year of success for the books? I don’t know anyone who would say no to that! One of the most simple but most brilliant ways to help pave the road to your success is de-cluttering. Yes, that’s right ladies. Organization may not be everyone’s (or most people’s for that matter) strong suit, but it is something that we all need to strive for in our every day lives in order to be the most productive we can be.

Have you ever noticed when your closet or vanity is organized it takes you so much less time to get ready and out the door? That’s because everything is nice and neat in order so you don’t have to waste so much time searching high and low for what you need. This same philosophy translates into your work area. When your desk is clear and de-cluttered it’s almost as if you are starting each day off with a clean slate. Clean off your desk and take note, ladies, seriously! You will surprise yourself with how much more productive you can be when the area around you is clear of all the junk, papers, empty bowls, etc. You spend less time searching for things you need, that perspective hostess’ number, the address you could have swore you wrote on a pink post-it note and where on earth did you set your phone?!

Keeping a clean and de-cluttered desk isn’t easy, in fact it takes constant work. We all do it, we all get lazy, but we need to make it one of our business goals to keep things de-cluttered. This mentality also translate into your other business goals whether it’s getting more bookings or staying on top of post party follow ups. We all have great intentions, but eventually we start to slack off just a bit. This is when we need to snap out of it and get right back on top of it again.

Now stop reading and start de-cluttering that desk and make the most of the time you’ve got!!